Dynamics of families spending on preschool education: care and nurturance

I.V. Abankina, director of the Institute of Education, National Research University Higher School of Economics, leading researcher of Federal Education Development Institute, PhD in economics, professor 

Abstract. The article discusses problems of providing access to quality preschool education which allows creation of enabling environment to compensate starting opportunities of children from various social backgrounds. The article presents estimate of households spending on preschool education, and day care services. The data used in calculations was received from monitoring conducted by Higher School of Economics and Yuri Levada Analytical Center in 2015. The central focus was put on comparison of fees in state (municipal) and private kindergartens. Profound differentiation of families’ expenses leads to unequal access to preschool education and daycare services. Nowadays families recognize the importance of preschool education and share responsibilities for children’s education with preschool education institutions. This reflects growing confidence in preschool organizations, their professionalism and quality.

Key words: preschool education, care and nurturance, reimbursement of parents’ expenses, extracurricular activities.