Images of worthy future as a factor of positive socialization of children and adolescents: concept of modernization

М.S. Guseltseva

Abstracts. The turn of the 21st century became an important landmark in recognizing the crucial role of culture in social, political, economic and educational life. In post-non-classical epistemology cultural factors and post-materialistic values associated with personal self-fulfillment, dignity and inherent value of creativity were brought to the forefront of analysis. The presented article continues a series of publications on the phenomenon of culture as a multi-dimensional and multi-layered reality; on non-obvious, but priority idea
on importance of culture and cultural psychological analysis in education policy; the role of cultural images
and examples of a worthy future in positive socialization of today’s children and adolescents. Ideas of
modernization, multiple modernities and humanization of education are also discussed within the suggested
context. The concept of modernization is in the focus of this article.

Key words: methodology, cultural analytical approach, anthropological turn, post-materialistic values, idea of culture, cultural trauma, modernization of education.