About this Journal

The mission of the journal Educational policy is designing, supporting and lobbying those social changes in our civil society evolution that open potential opportunities for formation of Education Society, not just Knowledge Society or Innovative Society. By Education Society we understand the society where education serves as the driving force and basis. Education in this society is the leading socio-generative and personality generative activity that determines competitiveness of an individual, society and state.

The mission of our journal formulated in this way could be called a socio-cultural project. By completing this mission we will try to transform the journal Educational policy to the journal of public discussion of various educational innovations merits and risks. They go beyond interests of professional educators, and being social innovations, affect all society strata. Therefore, if you share the mission of our journal Educational Policy, you are our readers and writers.

If you disagree with this education mission and are ready to propose your scenarios of education development based on modern research methodology, then we are open for you. Not only truth is born of arguments. Our readers and authors are also born within discussion of education problems. Our journal is for everyone who is interested in public discussion of ideology, methodology, expertise and lobbying of social actions which are devoted to forming of the civil Education Society.